Hansard and verbatim reports software for elected assemblies

Complete transcription software for parliaments, elected assemblies, and local councils.

What we offer

Acquiring the sittings audio

The sittings audio is recorded and cut into portions of variable length.

The transcription

The sound portions are distributed to a transcription team

Correction and edition

The transcribed text is then sent to a corrector or an editor for review before publication

Identification module

The speakers during a sitting can be identified and their names sent to the transcribers

Session configuration

You can configure, the legislature, the session, the speaker, the agenda etc...

General configuration

You can create user accounts, for transcribers with different user access rights etc...

Why choose us?

Transcripro is web application specifically designed for the efficient publication of the debates in the plenary session of elected assemblies. It is a web application that can be installed on the local area network of your institution.

The system is designed for rapid preparation of the verbatim. Transcription is ready for publication within a couple of days.

The application is developed with a production logic where all members of the team contribute to the publication.

All transcribed text and audio recordings are saved in a database and ready for consultation.

The multi-criteria search form allows for a search by date, legislature, agenda, and keyword etc...

Thank you for your interest

Our software is developed by CST

CST is an IT company founded in 2006 and based in Rabat. specializes in Web applications and AI

We are specialized in transcription software

Our software and services are used by numerous parliaments and elected assemblies

Automatic transcription

Natural language processing, machine learning and Artificial intelligence in multiple languages (French, English, and Arabic).

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